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Students these days are well informed. We work with them to help them identify questions like:

1. I have done so many things in my life - I don’t know what I am best suited to pursue as a career.

2. My parents want me to take up this particular line of work but it just doesn’t excite me - what do I do?

3. I frankly don’t know what different professions entail. I would like to talk to someone who can help me in my journey.

4. What are jobs of the future - what should I study further that will keep me relevant in 2030?

5. AI is taking over so many jobs - what should I prepare for?



Young executives deal with a lot of peer and family pressure. They come to us and discuss questions like:

1. I want to do something creative - what can I do to earn a living?

2. I would like to make a difference - my job just doesn’t excite me. What are my options?

3. I want meaningful work - what can I learn or do at the workplace to help me transition?

4. I am going through some lows in life because I am unsure of what I am doing in my career?

5. What can I do to stay relevant with all the AI around me?

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The experienced executive deals with pulls and pressure of family, children and career. They come and discuss issues like:

1. I am overwhelmed with the amount of technology being implemented at the workplace. How do I embrace this change?

2. Young executives are racing ahead. What can I do now to stay relevant and get ahead?

3. I would like to give back to society - can you help me identify a niche that would help me get there?

4. What options do I have - I just got laid off? I don’t know what to do.

5. My son want to study dance - is it ok?



C Suite executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs often walk a lonely path. They need someone to talk to. We discuss:

1. I am trying to change certain behaviours in my team and myself. Do you have tools to monitor progress?

2. I don’t want to follow my father’s footsteps. I want to create new businesses - what can I do?

3. What can I do to make work more meaningful and careers more rewarding for my team?

4. My children are ready to go to college. I don’t know what are some of the jobs in the future. Can you help me navigate?

5. How can I use AI to enable my team and augment performance?





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#3: Evaluate Options

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Career Advice


Navigating the future of work can be extremely stressful but planning ahead could help steer the course.

Come discuss your prospects and evaluate options with Arjun Khanna. He has worked in across domains in consulting, worked with corporates, been an entrepreneur and led HR for the world’s largest skilling body - National Skill Development Corporation.

Arjun is a FUTURIST ... He reads trends and loves technology. He has been able to foresee how technology will solve people’s needs ... sometimes years before they happen. Some of his future technology ideas have gone on to become multi-billion dollar ideas. He likes reading about what's next and how it will change the Future of work.

He has advised some of the leading companies in Banking, Manufacturing, FMCG, IT, ITES and Oil & Gas sectors and specializes in the development of human resource tools that integrate business, financial and human resource goals. In his previous avatar he has worked with Hewitt Associates, AT Kearney, CB Richard Ellis and Andersen.

He has been advising board members, executive leadership, middle management, young leaders, entrepreneurs and young students. The focus has been on creating value in their lives. Given his cross-functional experience, he is able to visualize people issues with a deep insight that adds value to clients. His experience has been vast and varied giving him an edge in “a world of choices”.

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