Brilliant managers who transform organizations say that the single biggest road block often times is THE lack of clarity and inability of different teams to move in unison. It’s time to break the gridlock. Speak to us for:

Setting a shared framework via structured conversations to align people to the organization's aspirations

  • Charting a course of action broken down into milestones i.e. a road map
  • Defining ongoing 'direction setting' exercises
  • Defining 'Focus Drivers' for the management team to propel the organization forward


Organizations need agility and an organizational design tied to strategic priorities is key. Successful leaders don’t rely on ordinary charts – they dive deep into goals and current challenges as well as take into account interdependencies and the larger vision. Our organization design approach helps map key linkages and organizations drive growth, improve profitability, strengthen capability and performance in the short and build resilience in the long term.  Speak to us for:

  • Evaluating current state of organization structure, highlighting stress points
  • Designing an organization that aligns business context, roles, decision rights, accountability and governance norms
  • Designing roles in your organization structure to adapt to your needs for speed, integration, flexibility, cost, innovation and control
  • Developing a detailed roll out plan
  • Monitoring the new design with appropriate performance measures that enable course correction